House of Chilli

Terms and Conditions

We have no crazy terms and conditions because its pretty much useless for everyone. Especially as we are a small brand also No-one reads it when ordering. We promise to be as fair as possible and treat our customers how we would like to be treated.

Data & Privacy
For our till systems we use iZettle and that links into their online hosting website which we use. For a link of their full Data and Privacy policy's go here:

Occasionally we'd like to contact you by e-mail to inform you of any special offers, promotions or new products. We should really send more emails but we try and keep them to a bare minimum.

Your order will be delivered by Royal Mail Parcelforce

The postage price for your order will be shown as you add products to your basket and a total postage charge will be clearly displayed at the checkout.

If by chance your package goes missing we can track it for you through our Parcelforce agent and we will try and either find that parcel or send a replacement out as fast as we can.

All our card payment processing goes through iZettle secure servers. iZettle is a large card processing service and adheres to the highest card processing and data secure methods. We have access to the following retails: Last 4 digist on your card, name and address.

If stuff breaks or things go wrong!
We are a small business and we dont have many staff. If you encounter a problem House of Chillis owners email address is: [email protected]