Psycho Onions & Gherkins Gift Box

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  • £10.00

And when you thought Psycho Pickles couldn’t get any better, you can now get them in a Psycho Gift Box with my wonderful image on it…….. Marvellous!

Delicious, crisp, fiery pickled gherkins and onions are guaranteed to ignite a Ploughman’s Lunch or obliterate your unsuspecting buffet guests.

Each jar contains half-a-dozen naga jolokia (Ghost Pepper) chillies. The longer you leave them in there the hotter they will get.

Once gone you can use the chillies in your cooking and the scorching hot vinegar makes a great condiment for your chips.

I’m Dr. Burnörium and for me to put my name, not to mention my gorgeous fizzog, on the label you can be sure that Psycho Pickles are something pretty damned special and have exceeded even my exacting standards.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy my Psycho Pickles range as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them for serious chilliheads like you.