Anal Angst

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Anal Angst X-Hot Sauce is a spicy, Asian inspired hot sauce brought to us by the esteemed Professor Pain Indeass. The professor slaved in his laboratory to achieve the perfect mouth watering, tangy blend to set your butt on fire. The flavors of the Orient are at your fingertips when you procure yourself a bottle of this butt blasting sauce!

Made with a succulent blend of habanero peppers, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and garlic, Anal Angst X-Hot Sauce is the perfect companion when you want to spice up your meal with something more potent than regular old soy sauce. This sauce is perfect when you are looking for a hotter stir fry, a topping for salmon or tuna steaks, or even a glaze for your green beans. Plus, almost any sauce with Worcestershire in it is going to make your beef dishes richer with a hint of sweetness. Try a few dashes of Anal Angst X-Hot Sauce in a hamburger mix, or top off your classic meatloaf recipe with a few shakes of this sauce, and your family will be begging for seconds!